Student Ministry

Josh and April Wise

Join us most Saturdays from 5pm-7pm for games, hang out time and discipleship (see the schedule below for more details). Emmanuel Student Ministry is a place to bring your friends and your questions. We believe that we need to be open about our faith and that means tackling things that can potentially weaken it, looking for and finding answers. Saturday night is the cornerstone of our youth ministry.

 If you have attended Emmanuel for even a short period of time, you will see that students are a vital part of our church as a whole. They are included and loved and appreciated. Be blessed!

Joshua and April Wise | Nick and Chloe Parkes

Nick and Chloe

Nick and Chloe Parkes

What We Do

Games and Recreation

Joining in on Saturday you will find a place to belong. A group that transcends  cultural norms and welcomes kids from all walks of life, sharing the Gospel and loving like Jesus. Broken people welcome. Our Students also attend camp in the summer and a winter retreat as well.

Hang OUt

You will find our standing meetings on our calendar below. We gather at Emmanuel from the back parking lot entrance to the Student Ministry Room. Typical meetups consist of lessons from the Bible geared toward students and how their Christianity should impact their lives, games, and small group time. It is a very relaxed environment where you can ask questions and build friendships.

Follow Jesus

Our leaders are transparent in a good way. They have a beautiful way of connecting with students in either Jr High or Senior High. They are not full time in the ministry and know what it’s like to work every day in a culture that is often at odds with the Bible. They bring this real world understanding in to Students, helping the kids to not only hear what it’s like to follow Jesus, but see what it’s like to Follow Him.

Come to our next gathering.