OUR Statement of Faith & Bylaws

In an effort to address ministry in the 21st century we have taken on the task of producing a completely new and comprehensive set of Bylaws and have made minor adjustments to our Statement of Faith to reflect some issues that were culturally relevant when they were written. Our Doctrine remains the same. We have reframed our Covenant as well for readability and clarity. This document will be voted on in our next annual meeting. We ask that you review it in its entirety and email, text or call us with any questions you may have. 

We will be having informational meetings prior to our annual meeting to address questions or give clarity where we will breakdown the questions or comments that we have received. There is no need to attend all, simply choose the one that works for you and register. At these meetings we hope to foster an atmosphere of unity and love as we move forward into the future. Click the button below to join the information group. The dates and times are as follows: 

  • Sunday September 10 @ 5pm
  • Wednesday September 13 @7pm
  • Sunday September 17 @ 5pm
  • Wednesday September 20 @ 7pm

When you register for one of these meetings, there is a space for questions and comments. Please take advantage of this! If you register and still have questions that you didn’t include, please use the contact button below to share them with your leadership team.

This project has been undertaken with StartChurch, an organization that helps church plants as well as older larger churches frame Bylaws and other necessities for local churches in the US. It has taken years of work by your Senior Leadership Team and will keep us compliant with current rules and laws without diminishing our autonomy or authority.

Over the last several years things have changed dramatically both in our country and culture and within our church. There are 2 main reasons for these changes. 

  1. To ensure that we are in compliance to gain for our church the best possible tax advantages and to continue to operate in a fashion that would honor the Lord and the country we abide in.
  2. So that our bylaws reflect the structure of leadership we believe honors the Lord and His Word. By that we mean checks and balances and shared responsibility among our Senior Leadership Team.

The major changes surround the type of leadership and government of the church.

  • Our current model emphasizes pastoral authority with little accountability. Over the years we have changed this practically by elevating those men who have been ordained by the church to Gospel ministry as our pastoral staff. By adopting our new bylaws we will still have a lead pastor with pastoral authority but he will be accountable to the Senior Leadership Team in his execution of duties and display of his character. The Bible teaches the need for a plurality of elders and this is a reflection of that. In our former model, the pastor was the soul authority over the church.
  • Our church has always been a limited voting congregation with most of the day to day decisions carried out by the Senior Pastor. The main change in this will the authority vested in the Senior Leadership Team to vote on major decisions not reserved for the church. This does not preclude the voting of the church for the bottom line budget, ordaining deacons and pastors and voting for those who will represent them on the Senior Leadership Team.
  • The reason for these changes is to provide accountability to the Lead Pastor ensuring the responsible carrying out of his duties. A recent example was the need to replace our furnaces for the Hall. The team agreed upon the course of action needed to be taken. 

No doctrine has been abandoned. Clarity has been provided and the elimination of some cultural pushback has been determined. There is a new covenant which better reflects who we are and why we are members of one another as well.

What has changed?

  1. We simplified the language on abortion to simply state that we believe that life begins at conception and that we are prolife.
  2. We clarified and condensed the section on Separation by eliminating some cultural prohibitions which were not supported by the Bible such as tattoos and piercings.
  3. We reinforced the language on Human Sexuality, taking into consideration the current cultural confusion. (This is because our SoF is part of our bylaws needs to be protective against such confusion.)
  4. We clarified that the tithe meaning 10% of our income is an example provided by the Lord. We must however purpose in our own hearts with the Lord what we shall give in support of our church and should give accordingly as we prosper.
  5. Divorce and Remarriage was adjusted to include the following line “We also interpret the Scripture to apply abuse or neglect
    for consideration.”

The Entire Document

This link will take you to the entire Statement of Faith and Bylaws with an active table of contents. 

Below you will find sections broken down if you would like to review them in smaller bites.

Statement of Faith

This link will take you to the Preamble, Covenant and our Statement of Faith.


This link will take you to the Membership portion of our Bylaws


This link will take you to Government and Official Functions portions of our Bylaws.


This link will take you the Meetings and other articles of our Bylaws.


This link will take you to the Finacial and Property portions of our Bylaws


This link will take you to Other Ministers of the Gospel and closing articles of our Bylaws.